Definitions for "Filtering"
Attenuates components of a signal that are undesired: reduces noise errors in a signal.
A wine making technique used to ensure clarity and sterility in wine. Careful use of precise filtering pads and agents allow the winemaker to target specific foreign substances to remove, based on their size. Some winemakers feel that filtering reduces the quality of wine. Emile Peynaud, the preeminent University of Bordeaux enologist (enology being the science of wine) had this to say about the filtering debate: "Resistance to the practice of filtering arose from the reproach made that it tended to thin down and emaciate the wines. Nevertheless, if every precaution is taken... it may be stated that the mechanical action of filtering has never had a negative influence on quality. To suggest the contrary would mean conceding that the foreign substances... which filtration is precisely designed to remove, have a favorable taste function." From "Knowing and Making Wine."
Removing development-oriented information from files while deploying.
The process of classifying biometric data according to information that is unrelated to the actual biometric data itself. Examples of this are information about the enrollee such as sex, age, etc. This term is sometimes used in conjunction with AFIS systems.
The process of classifying biometric data according to information that is unrelated to the biometric data itself. This may involve filtering by sex, age, hair color or other distinguishing factors, and including this information in an end users database record. This term is particularly used in conjunction with Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems. See Part 2, AFIS, Filtering.
Partitioning a database through the use of either overall characteristics such as fingerprint pattern, or of exogenous information about the user not discernible from the biometric patterns such as sex, age or race.
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Masks off segments of your BLAST query sequence that have low compositional complexity, as determined by the SEG program of Wootton & Federhen (Computers and Chemistry, 1993). The segments are replaced with XXXXX's or NNNNN's, as viewed in your BLAST output. For more information, see NCBI's description of filtering.
Also known as Masking. The process of hiding regions of (nucleic acid or amino acid) sequence having characteristics that frequently lead to spurious high scores. See SEG and DUST.
In sequence alignment, the process of hiding regions of nucleic acid or amino acid sequence having characteristics that frequently lead to spurious high scores.
The process of screening a packet for certain characteristics, such as source address, destination address, or protocol. Filtering is used to determine whether traffic is to be forwarded, and can also prevent unauthorized access to a network or network devices.
The setting up of criteria to select a subset of data from a broad stream of it. Filtering information is essential for everyone in daily life. Filtering by parents of small children may be wise. Filtering by others- ISPs or governments- is bad, and is called censorship.
Any process that examines the headers or content of an e-mail message for purposes other than simple routing. Filtering may be used to reject or mark messages with particular characteristics and may be based on the system forwarding the mail, the headers or the content.
While browsing the internet it is a service which refuses access to certain unsuitable (according to a particular policy) websites. Filters are also used to stop your e-mail software downloading junk e-mail (or spam).
The ability to restrict data based upon a set of criteria that controls the set of records returned as a result set. Filters can also define the sequence in which rows are returned.
An automatic method of screening e-mail messages as they are downloaded from the Internet. An e-mail client can be instructed to deposit (file or trash) qualifying e-mail messages in various folders as they are received. A filter can look at keywords, addresses, domains, subject matter, size, etc.
Different processes on the pixels to be displayed which allow to correct the distortions during the texture application taking as reference the adjacent pixels.
1. Using color-dyed or interference-layered glass inserted into the optical path to restrict the passage of full-spectrum wavelengths. 2. Applying a mathematical function to the pixels in an image array that modifies each pixel's value according to the values of an assigned set of neighboring pixels. Primarily used to blur or sharpen localized aspects of an image.
A method of reducing the jagged edges on graphics by blurring the screen.
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passing a liquid through cloth or a filtering agent such as charcoal in order to remove impurities and other undesirable contents. To give the liquid a sparkling clear appearance.
The air taken in by the hood passes through filters (grease and odour) which purify it. Filter efficiency is expressed by a percentage and Elica filters have an average efficiency of more than 80%.
Separating things that have not dissolved from a liquid. The liquid is passed throug a filter to do this.
If you imagine your website gets 1000 surfers per day... You could just show those 1000 surfers an advert for a paysite, where you'd be paid commission on anything those surfers bought. But you could go one step further and try to find out what each of those surfers was really interested in. Obviously you can't physically ask each surfer what turns them on the most, so you need to offer links on your website which get the surfers making choices. Filtering is about working with any kind of website traffic and making the most of it - getting a surfer to a page they're really interested in, and having ads there EXACTLY matching their interests. To filter is to offer choices to a surfer with the overall aim being to increase sales.
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given a set of newly arriving documents (e.g., from a news service, or from a newly available publication), selecting just those which are most appropriate to send to a given user, usually based upon a previously stored profile that describes that user's interests
The act of using settings on the profile settings page, code in the news style, or an addon to select which items are included in Coranto's output when news is built. Common filters are by date, by number of items, or by number of days.
A process of aggregating or deleting data.
Filtering programs look for specified things in other programs and then perform specific actions based on what they find. Some e-mail programs include filters that look for certain words, word patterns, or word frequencies in e-mail messages and delete them from your inbox. See for details.
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The process of selecting and presenting only that information appropriate to support a particular decision.
The process of determining whether a document is part of a site that should be included in the .
a process by which social groups move from one residential area to another, leading to changes in the social nature of residential areas. (See Social leapfrogging).
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a real nice feature
The deliberate manipulation of information to make it appear more favorable to the receiver.
Filtering is the immediate analysis by a program of a user Web page request in order to determine which ad or ads to return in the requested page. A Web page request can tell a Web site or its ad server whether it fits a certain characteristic such as coming from a particular company's address or that the user is using a particular level of browser. The Web ad server can respond accordingly.
The action of allowing the passage of electrical energy at frequencies within one or more bands and preventing the passage of all other frequencies.
Software that examines incoming data to ensure that only information within certain parameters is allowed.