Definitions for "SSID"
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Service Set Identifier (also referred to as Radio Network Name). A unique identifier used to identify a radio network and which stations must use to be able to communicate with each other or to an access point. The SSID can be any alphanumeric entry up to a maximum of 32 characters.
SSID, or Service Set Identifier, is the workgroup name of your Wireless Network. All devices (Access Points, Wireless Routers, and Wireless Network Adapters) must all have the same SSID to communicate on the Wireless Network.
Stands for "Service Set Identifier." An SSID is a unique ID that consists of 32...
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Standardized Station ID's in VA are a -1 for BBS's, i.e., KC4ASF-1 and using no SSID for the keyboard such as KC4ASF. TCPIP operators use -8 as their SSID for the BBS. MSYS netnodes use -3 and Kanodes use -7 SSID's. It is simplest for BBS's and TNC based operations to use the same SSID's. ALL non-forwarding stations should clearly state in the Connect Text that they do not auto-forward.
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See ESSID above.