Definitions for "Shearing"
Keywords:  fleece, prune, sheep, blade, clippers
The act or operation of clipping with shears or a shearing machine, as the wool from sheep, or the nap from cloth.
The product of the act or operation of clipping with shears or a shearing machine; as, the whole shearing of a flock; the shearings from cloth.
The process of making a vertical side cutting in working into a face of coal.
The motion resulting from stresses that cause or tend to cause contiguous parts of a body to slide relatively to each other.
The motion of surfaces sliding past one another.
Deformation of a body by translation of one part of it relative to another.
Keywords:  skull, rending, patchy, shaken, nerve
microscopic lesions in the brain caused when the movement of the brain within the skull puts strain on delicate nerve fibers and blood vessels causing them to stretch to the point of breaking.
A tearing or stretching of nerves or brain tissue that result from the brain twisting and hitting against the skull.  Usually caused by sudden deceleration or stop like that involved in a car accident or shaken baby syndrome.
The mechanism by which nerve fibres are damaged or destroyed in blunt head injury, leading to the tearing of the main processes (axons) of the nerve fibres in a widespread, patchy fashion. Hence the description "DIFFUSE AXONAL INJURY" (qv).
Keywords:  trim, underfur, sculpt, fur, mill
A technique used to trim the fur to a short pile, sometimes as low as 0.5mm. It can also be used to sculpt intricate shapes and patterns into the underfur.
Process of trimming metal to meet size and shape design requirements.
Trimming of the edges of sheet strip to make them parallel. This done at either the stainless steel mill or at the stainless steel processor.
The de-homogenization, or breaking up, of a mixture by high-speed agitation. Can be a problem with polymers or other shear sensitive solutions. Use a low speed (RPM) mixer to minimize shearing.
The once-a-year harvesting of alpaca fibers usually carried out in mid-spring in order to make the alpaca cooler through the summer and allow the coat time to grow back before the cold of winter returns.
The act or operation of reaping.
The act or operation of dividing with shears; as, the shearing of metal plates.
Keywords:  thin, layers, slipping, motion, rock
slipping motion between very thin rock layers
The process of removing wood in very thin layers as it turns.
Keywords:  tilting, steel, preparing, process
The process of preparing shear steel; tilting.
Keywords:  random, tip, texture, smooth, carpet
Finishing process in carpet manufacturing to create a smooth carpet face. The shearing process can also be used to create texture as in random shearing. (See " Random sheared" or " Tip shearing.")
Same as Shearling.