Definitions for "bottom line"
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A device that relocates where you connect your gas to the bottom of your grip.
A bottom line system attaches at the base of the gun's grip system. (On an ICD gun this would be at the base of the 45 grip frame.) Many players prefer bottom line setups because it allows them to sight down the gun quicker. A bottom line kit will also lower the center of gravity or balance on the gun which helps when you need to shoot paint quickly on the run. If you are looking at a remote air system many players prefer bottom line connections because the attachment off the bottom line keeps the hoses under your arm and out of the way.
Usually refers to the local of the CO2 tank on the bottom rear portion of the marker's pistol grip. Desired since it makes sitting the marker with a mask on much easier.
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Gross sales minus taxes, interest, depreciation, and other expenses. also called net earnings or net income or net profit.
The essential or salient point; the primary or most important consideration. Also, the line at the bottom of a financial report that shows the net profit or loss.
the net profit or net income line on a profit and loss account or income statement.
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the decisive point
A Thoroughbred's breeding on the female side. The lower half of an extended pedigree diagram.
a better and bigger State University - in terms of program and enrollment - at a time when there is little or no appetite for additional state support or increased tuition
a settlement option that represents the minimal substantive, procedural, or psychological benefit that a party is willing to accept and still reach an agreement.
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The result of a campaign
The final amount of money disbursed to the seller after all expenses are paid.
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Reason for firing people.