Definitions for "BuMP"
(slang) fall together (usually said of honors); cause to fall together.
knock against with force or violence; "My car bumped into the tree"
a fall or hit that knocks the wrestler to the mat. Valets, managers and other non-wrestlers around the ring during a match often "take bumps" to advance the angle; for example, if one wrestler slams his opponent's valet to the mat, the opponent will then "seek revenge" at the next match.
A cotton-waste interlining used to add body and insulation.
Cotton lining added to curtain panels to add body to a curtain.
A cotton interlining used to add body to curtain and drapery panels.
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an impact (as from a collision); "the bump threw him off the bicycle"
A player is permitted to ride off another to spoil his shot or to remove him from the play. The angle of contact must be no more than 45 degrees. The faster the pony travels the smaller the angle must be. A good bump can shake discs and dentures loose.
when a player directs his pony into the side of an opponent's pony.
To strike, as with or against anything large or solid; to thump; as, to bump the head against a wall.
To come in violent contact with something; to thump.
A thump; a heavy blow.
move a thread up the board
a harmless post in a thread to bring it to the top of a list
a meaningless reply to a thread
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A raised metal feature on a die land or tape carrier tape that facilitates inner lead bonding.
A small metal alloy deposit on the die that is melted to a pad on the board to form the electrical connection between the board and the die.
Small spherical mound of metal which connects the die pad/pin to the printed circuit board.
A swelling or prominence, resulting from a bump or blow; a protuberance.
One of the protuberances on the cranium which are associated with distinct faculties or affections of the mind; as, the bump of "veneration;" the bump of "acquisitiveness."
a lump on the body caused by a blow
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To make a loud, heavy, or hollow noise, as the bittern; to boom.
The noise made by the bittern.
A small bump resembling a pimple, this red or white bump forms next to the piercing hole (most often on nostril and nipple piercings). Sea salt soaks and warm compresses will help heal them.
In relation to shock absorber dampening, it is the movement that compresses the internal oil or gas volume, thus often referred to as "compression".
In shock absorbers, a bump adjustment is a change to the dampening of the shock on the compression stroke. As a car passes over a bump on the track, each wheel assembly rises up to pass over it. Without compression dampening, the inertia of the wheel assembly would cause it to continue to rise after the bump until the spring finally overcomes the inertia and pushes the wheel back down. Since a tire can't do any work while in the air, bump dampening stops the upward inertia and allows the tire to stay in constant contact with the pavement. Bump adjustments can also affect how the weight of the car shifts around during braking, acceleration and cornering.
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Slang; To ambush or attack the opposition (or have them attack you).
Ambush A slang word which means to ambush or be ambushed.  If you bump an enemy force, you surprise them in attack.  If you get 'Bumped' by the enemy, they have ambushed you.
An increase in pay. For a writer, this would come on a new assignment. A writer may deserve a bump for having written a successful movie, gotten a big director attached, or winning a major award.
a specific action or lines given to an extra that will make them deserve a union voucher
To displace a passenger or guest in favor of a reservation or sale to a person with higher priority or supposed importance.
To displace a junior employee by the exercise of seniority rights.
The act of taking one's position and forcing the incumbent employee to another position, based on seniority. OR To move physically out of position.
Bump is an album by the John Scofield Band which was released on March 14, 2000 by Verve Records. It was produced by Lee Townsend and recorded & mixed by Joe Ferla and Kevin Killen, executive producer was Susan Scofield.
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Descriptive slang for forearm passing.
a common term for forearm passing.
Pass most frequently used while receiving a serve; ideally, the ball is bumped on first touch to the setter.
A bump is a feature of rowing at Oxford and Cambridge. Due to the narrowness of the of the River Thames at Oxford and the River Cam at Cambridge, when rowing eights are racing there is a staggered start since they cannot row abreast. Instead, eights must aim to catch up with and "bump" the eight in front.
This is when the dealership or salesperson has been able to increase the price or payment that a customer originally agreed upon.
An effort by an auto salesperson to get a customer to increase the amount they are willing to pay for a car.
come upon, as if by accident; meet with; "We find this idea in Plato"; "I happened upon the most wonderful bakery not very far from here"; "She chanced upon an interesting book in the bookstore the other day"
A buildup of oil towards the center of the lane that directs the ball to the pocket. When a bowler intentionally throws the ball towards that oil, he is said to be "playing the bump."
A colloquial term used to denote and sudden vertical or lateral movement of an aeroplane caused by thermal or eddy currents. Often erroneously referred to as 'air pockets'.
A piece of animation that is used either before or after a commercial break. It’s called a bump-out leaving the show, and a bump-back upon returning.
a brief reference to an upcoming story in order to entice viewers to watch; usually done within the show, before going to a commercial break
A troublesome element in a script that negatively deflects the reader's attention away from the story.
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assign to a lower position; reduce in rank; "She was demoted because she always speaks up"; "He was broken down to Sargeant"
a method by which the filter media, in certain types of diatomaceous earth (DE) filters, is repositioned or "bumped," in order to restore optimum filtering conditions.
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Two crews crashing, but not during carnage.
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a terrble thing to waste
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Extra pay received for special tasks performed such as interacting with a principal actor, getting wet, performing a difficult physical activity, and just about anything else above and beyond what an extra usually does.
When a dealer gets an extra 20 minute break because the table or pit is overstaffed in comparison to the gaming activity.
A change in status (and pay) brought about by the addition of special business not contracted for in the original agreement. For instance, an extra may be bumped to principal by being given a line.
dance erotically or dance with the pelvis thrust forward; "bump and grind"
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The act of striking the stern of the boat in advance with the prow of the boat following.
When two sounds are cut together it is possible that the background sounds will not match exactly. The effect of the different sounds cut together is called a bump. The tasks of "dialogue splitting" and "mixing" are designed to smooth out these bumps and end up with one seamless soundtrack.
Ink applied from a fifth or higher plate in four-color process printing to strengthen a specific color. Also referred to as a touchplate.
remove or force from a position of dwelling previously occupied; "The new employee dislodged her by moving into her office space"
Bump was a pricing game on the American television game show, The Price Is Right. Lasting from September 13, 1985 to November 20, 1991, it was played for two four-digit prizes, each worth between $1,000 and $3,000.
Exposed area on the master viewed from the entrance surface. Also used to designate indentations caused by foreign matter during molding.
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Dancers bump hips to the side or with their partner.
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A flash or sudden jump in light level (a snap cue) (see Flash Button).
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A fly-up to acquire line of sight to the target or laser designation.
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Bump is a content management framework designed primarily for blogging. Bump is not designed for those who want to get a blog up and running in a short time, but rather those who might want to change the way a certain feature works, or add their own. Bump
Boston University Marine Program
A modification to an existing license which can include supply and entitled entity changes
An interest rate increase, usually between 0.25% and 1.00%, due to adverse factors on a loan, i.e., bankruptcy or high loan-to-value.
The cost imposed by the investor for additional risk factors, such as occupancy or loan-to-value ratio. Bumps can apply to both the interest rate and to the pricing.
a one time payment for additional services or items