Definitions for "Plated Through-Hole"
(PTH)(1)A hole in a double-sided or multilayer board that is used to accommodate a through-hole component lead and is plated with copper. (2)An alternative name for the lead through-hole technique for populating circuit boards in which component leads are inserted into plated through-holes.
A via or other drilled hole that is plated with copper. Since a printed wiring board substrate is not conductive (it consists of glass fibers and epoxy-resin), an electroless copper or other seed layer must be plated first before electrolytic copper can be applied. Copper is plated to a thickness of 0.001" on the walls of the hole, and this plating serves as a conductive pathway from layer to layer.
A PCB hole with deposition of metal on the sides of the hole and on both sides of the base that provides electrical connection from the conductive patters on one side of the PCB that on the opposite side.