Definitions for "Spurt"
Keywords:  gush, spirt, violent, jet, sudden
To gush or issue suddenly or violently out in a stream, as liquor from a cask; to rush from a confined place in a small stream or jet; to spirt.
To throw out, as a liquid, in a stream or jet; to drive or force out with violence, as a liquid from a pipe or small orifice; as, to spurt water from the mouth.
A sudden or violent ejection or gushing of a liquid, as of water from a tube, orifice, or other confined place, or of blood from a wound; a jet; a spirt.
Keywords:  hurry, burst, happens, something, short
a short burst of activity or something that happens in a hurry
Keywords:  perfume, whale, prized, vomit, industry
Whale vomit, which is prized for its value in the perfume industry.
Keywords:  bud, shoot
A shoot; a bud.