Definitions for "Wench"
A young woman; a girl; a maiden.
A low, vicious young woman; a drab; a strumpet.
A colored woman; a negress.
Keywords:  saucy, yer, persuasion, fro, adjective
An individual of the female persuasion. "Saucy" is a good adjective to add to this. i.e. “Yer fro looks great, ye saucy wench
Keywords:  firks, sooner, bait, mad, rare
a rare bait, with which a man No sooner's taken but he straight firks mad
Keywords:  squeals, till, grind, thing, you
A thing you grind till it squeals.
Keywords:  fame, frequent, prostitutes, ill, women
To frequent the company of wenches, or women of ill fame.
frequent prostitutes