Definitions for "Shonen-ai"
Keywords:  yaoi, romantic, love, boy, story
Shonen-ai means "boys' love" in Japanese and is often blurred with yaoi. On this site, shonen-ai will stand for boys' just loving eachother, no Lemon.
Literally "boy's love." Manga stories about male/male romantic relationships, which are quite popular in Japan among young female readers. Interchangeable with yaoi in Japan, but used by Western fans to refer to material that focuses on emotions and relationships more than sex. For more on this subject, visit
Artwork, comics, games, movies, stories, etc. involving male + male relationships of a romantic nature. The term "shonen-ai" translates to "boy love" and it differs from yaoi in that sex is not the focus of the genre, but the relationship and romance is. The female + female equivalent is called "shoujo-ai."