Definitions for "cunt"
A woman; -- usually used derogatorily and considered obscene.
a term of abuse, employed by Australians in the British way (cf. the first Derek and Clive album) rather than the American one. No well-bred Australian male would ever use the word in reference to a woman. He would level it only at other males, particularly ones he didn't care for – the world being richly populated with men for whom the term "dick" just isn't rude enough.
contemporary vulgar term for the female genitals, which is a contorted derivative of the Oriental Great Goddess called Cunti.
Cunt (1999) is a novel by Stewart Home written in the form of a journal kept by a novelist from Aldeburgh called David Kelso (who also has a false passport in the name of Kevin Callan).
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Menage a trios Wanking
a woman who is thoroughly disliked; "she said her son thought Hilary was a bitch"
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Kind of like "nigga';" a pal, an enemy, anyone
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Slang term for vagina.
(slang) See Vagina
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Not the ass.
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