Definitions for "Metrosexual"
Keywords:  groomed, lifestyle, spend, urban, guy
An urban male with a heterosexual orientation who rejects many macho attributes often linked to masculinity. He adopts many traits often associated with heterosexual females and gay males -- e.g. expensive hair care, stylish clothes.
a guy who likes to shop, is into fashion, likes to go to the spa and girly things
a male, that lives in a metropolitain
Keywords:  definitly, hasnt, dudes, closet, admit
a dude that would definitly want dudes in him, he just hasnt came out of the closet yet
a homosexual who has not quite come out of the closet enough to admit to himself that he is gay
a clotheshorse wrapped around a dandy fused with a narcissist
Keywords:  social, unit, one
a social unit of one