Definitions for "Shojo"
Keywords:  manga, effeminite, lanky, utena, shoujo
girl ~ Type of anime or manga targeted to the "young girl" market.
Literally "young girl." Used to describe manga aimed at females up to about age 18, and usually centered around romance (with a young female protagonist), emotions, and social interaction. Cardcaptor Sakura and Aquarium are examples of mainstream shôjo manga.
Means 'Girl'. Used as a generic term for anime and manga aimed at young females. Pronounced ‘sho-jo'.
A traditional Japanese "ghost" form which haunts the open ocean. They appear as curious "apparitions", characterized by flaming red hair. These are regarded as benign spirits, much given to drinking, dancing, and merry-making. Partial to sake, some Japanese traditions hold that these spirits may be caught by luring them onto land with a jar of the liquor.
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