Definitions for "Pending"
Until; awaiting; as, no decision will be taken pending his arrival.
When a HIT is submitted and not immediately approved or rejected, it is left in a pending state until further judgement is made by the requester. On the Dashboard and Status views, the Pending column displays the total number of individual HITs which the worker has completed but which have not been approved or rejected. Approval can be an automated process or a manual one, depending on the HIT and the requester's preferences, and the HIT may stay in the pending stay for up to 30 days. All pending HITs are auto-approved after 30 days. No payment is made on hits currently pending. Due to some Beta phase display glitches, workers often see negative amounts in the Pending column. This is normal, and the underlying data is correct even when the display is not.
The status of a topic, subtopic, or question entered into the FAQ system but not yet published. All questions added by contributors are automatically marked as pending. An administrator needs to review and publish the question before it appears in the FAQ search results.
Not yet decided; in continuance; in suspension; as, a pending suit.
In process; not yet decided. Perjury: A false statement made willfully and knowingly while under oath in a court proceeding.
The period in which the patent office has not yet decided whether to reject or to grant a patent application, and it has not yet been withdrawn.
Applies to a case that has not yet been resolved.
A Pending case is one for which the Case Creator has not yet entered offers or demands. An opposition is not able to respond to a pending case on the Cybersettle system.
In insurance it is usually when an application is being processed, and the information is being determined acceptable or not.
application received by Auckland City but not checked for acceptance as yet
Proposal sent to creditor; pending acceptance.
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During; as, pending the trail.
A state that refers to a resource in a cluster when the resource is in the process of being brought online or taken offline. See also: offline; online; resource
"begun, but not yet completed; in process of settlement".
A claim that cannot be processed completely until additional information, requested by the claims specialist, is received.
A state that an account or URL submission is in when a member has not replied to the confirmation email. URL submissions are set as pending when the member account is set to pending. When members are set to pending no emails are sent to the member's email address. Also, pending URL Submissions are not indexed in the search engine.
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An Aircraft Pending Identification
The initial state of a defined volume pair, before it becomes a duplex pair. During this state, the contents of the primary volume are copied to the secondary volume.
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the entry has been sub-edited and is in the queue for the Front Page.
Purchase orders are pending when items have been received but the invoice has not yet been received from the vendor, or the invoice has been received but the items have not been received in inventory yet.
The processing of information is incomplete at this time.
A substitute bill, amendment or motion offered but not acted on.
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A play that has not been graded yet.