Definitions for "Sting"
Any sharp organ of offense and defense, especially when connected with a poison gland, and adapted to inflict a wound by piercing; as the caudal sting of a scorpion. The sting of a bee or wasp is a modified ovipositor. The caudal sting, or spine, of a sting ray is a modified dorsal fin ray. The term is sometimes applied to the fang of a serpent. See Illust. of Scorpion.
A sharp-pointed hollow hair seated on a gland which secrets an acrid fluid, as in nettles. The points of these hairs usually break off in the wound, and the acrid fluid is pressed into it.
Anything that gives acute pain, bodily or mental; as, the stings of remorse; the stings of reproach.
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A goad; incitement.
To goad; to incite, as by taunts or reproaches.
A sting is a short sequence played by a drummer to punctuate a joke, especially an obvious or slapstick one. A sting is often used as accompaniment during cabaret- or circus-style shows. It is often erroneously called a rimshot, although a rimshot can be part of a sting.
A short musical phrase primarily used in television shows and films as a form of punctuation - eg at the end of a scene or as a dramatic climax is imminent.
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a place where the larva chews only a short distance into the apple
a place where the larvae chewed just a small amount, then either died inside the fruit or entered at another place
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A female police officer poses as a prostitute to apprehend unsuspecting johns, or a male police officer poses as a john to apprehend unsuspecting prostitutes.
An artifact from J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy universe of Middle-earth, Sting was an Elvish knife or dagger made in Gondolin in the First Age.
Gordon Matthew Sumner, CBE (born 2 October, 1951), universally known by his stage name Sting, is an English musician from Newcastle upon Tyne. Prior to starting his distinguished solo career, he was the principal composer, lead singer and bass player of the 1970s/1980s rock band The Police.
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a scam where the victim never finds out that he has been the victim
Steven James Borden (born March 20, 1959 in Omaha, Nebraska), better known by his ring name, Sting, is an American professional wrestler, currently wrestling for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). He is arguably the most well-known wrestler of the modern era to never have worked with the WWE.
The point of an epigram or other sarcastic saying.
STING is a mnemonic describing a five-point method for the execution of everyday tasks.
a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property
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a big fan of some every so often lethargic boater
a variety of Con (confidence game)
Sting is a Japanese game development studio. Some of their titles include Treasure Hunter G, , and .
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term used to describe the feeling of being hit by an instrument such as a thin cane; opposite of thud.
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Make a request for a loan or gift; also put in the stings.