Definitions for "Yaw"
Keywords:  axis, swerve, steer, rudder, erratic
To steer wild, or out of the line of her course; to deviate from her course, as when struck by a heavy sea; -- said of a ship.
A movement of a vessel by which she temporarily alters her course; a deviation from a straight course in steering.
Side-to-side movement of the plane's nose.
a sidewise movement of a vehicle in turning; movement of a vehicle in another direction than that in which it is headed; sidewise motion produced when centrifugal force exceeds traction force. Often the result of overreaction or exceeding the critical speed. Sometimes revealed by tiremarks on the roadway.
To rise in blisters, breaking in white froth, as cane juice in the clarifiers in sugar works.
Keywords:  gaping, canyon, deep, wide, open
be wide open; "the deep gaping canyon"
Keywords:  veer, straight, line
To veer from the straight line.
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You Are Welcome
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out of control