Definitions for "Swerve"
To climb or move upward by winding or turning.
To turn aside.
the act of turning aside suddenly
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An inswerve or outswerve kick, where the spin of the ball takes it into or away from the target.
A shot played with extreme spin, so the cue ball doesn't travel in a straight line. Mainly used toescape from difficult snooke
A shot played with extreme spin causing the cue ball's trajectory to be curved. Mainly used to escape from difficult snookers.
Sandia Winged Energetic Reentry Vehicle Experiment
Swerve is the name given to several fictional characters in the Transformers universes. Swerve is always depicted as an Autobot land vehicle with red color and is always a remold or repaint of another toy.
To stray; to wander; to rope.
To wander from any line prescribed, or from a rule or duty; to depart from what is established by law, duty, custom, or the like; to deviate.
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A port of the SISCweb core to Erlang+Yaws+Mnesia.
To go out of a straight line; to deflect.
an erratic deflection from an intended course
Keywords:  incline, bend
To bend; to incline.
(or swerving): To rapidly change direction, normally employed to avoid an obstacle.
When a company goes to all efforts to make fans (or the net) believe something has happened/is going to happen and then changes the direction of the angle.