Definitions for "Correctness"
Correctness is a concept with which most people are familiar in vague, general terms; this is the way in which it is usually used here. In its broadest sense, it includes something of the notion that the program does what it was intended to do; in more specific use, it usually means that the program conforms to its specifications.
conformity to fact or truth
conformity to social expectations
The degree to which the system processes the input and changes entered correctly, in accordance with the specifications, to produce consistent data sets.
In theoretical computer science, correctness of an algorithm is asserted when it is said that the algorithm is correct with respect to a specification. Functional correctness refers to the input-output behaviour of the algorithm (i.e., for each input it produces the correct output). See also program verification.
The state or quality of being correct; as, the correctness of opinions or of manners; correctness of taste; correctness in writing or speaking; the correctness of a text or copy.
A behavioral model is correct if its predicted behavior is consistent with the facts (i.e., the observations, or reference behavior) in the domain.
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