Definitions for "Cognitive map"
an interpretive framework of the world which, it is argued, exists in the human mind and affects actions and decisions as well as knowledge structures.
(kogĀ“ni-tiv) An inferred mental awareness of the structure of a physical space or related elements.
Mental image empowering thinking, for an individual or for a culture.
a "kind of visual road map showing some of the pathways we may take to connect meanings of concepts
a signed, directed graph that links important concepts in the decision problem on the basis of probabilistic and informational dependence
The existence in the nervous system of patternings having a topological or other orderly relation to features of the external world.
Keywords:  bridge, sort, logic, reasoning, human
a sort of bridge connecting human reasoning to the Pc logic
a specific way of representing a persons assertions about some limited domain, such as a policy