Definitions for "Reasoning"
That which is offered in argument; proofs or reasons when arranged and developed; course of argument.
Using systematic logical thinking to solve problems or come to a conclusion.
the ability to think out logically.
a simple event where the Rastas gather, smoke ganja, and discuss ethical, social and religious issues
The act or process of adducing a reason or reasons; manner of presenting one's reasons.
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endowed with the capacity to reason
The process used to connect evidence to the claim. See also warrant.
A systematic procedure used to generalize from specific data; the link between evidence and claim.
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See Deductive reasoning and Inductive reasoning
In a court opinion (either majority or minority), one of the justices writes up the major legal factors which support the decision.
in mathematics, the underlying ability that enables students to be successful at problem solving.
The processes through which ideas are generated and evaluated against existing knowledge.