Definitions for "Antinomy"
A contradiction or incompatibility of thought or language; -- in the Kantian philosophy, such a contradiction as arises from the attempt to apply to the ideas of the reason, relations or attributes which are appropriate only to the facts or the concepts of experience.
paradox or contradiction; the Coyote or trickster figure in Native American mythology and ceremony (e.g. heyokas) embrace an antinomy, as the Coyote is both a Fool and a Creator
The mutual contradiction of two principles or inferences founded on equally valid premises.
Opposition of one law or rule to another law or rule.
An opposing law or rule of any kind.
Antinomy (Greek αντι-, against, plus νομος, law) literally means the mutual incompatibility, real or apparent, of two laws. It is a term used in logic and epistemology.