Definitions for "Contradiction"
Direct opposition or repugnancy; inconsistency; incongruity or contrariety; one who, or that which, is inconsistent.
31 principle, in virtue of which we judge false that which involves a contradiction, and true that which is opposed or contradictory to the false
A contradiction is committed whenever propositions that deny one another (contradictory propositions) are both held to be true or both held to be false. E.g., accepting both that "Robins are red" and "Robins are not red" as true is a contradiction.
An assertion of the contrary to what has been said or affirmed; denial of the truth of a statement or assertion; contrary declaration; gainsaying.
An invisible biblical error otherwise known as Truth. A method used by God to test gullibility. An illusion commonly seen in Holy Scripture by those under the influence of Satan. Their illusory nature is amply proven by the fact that "True Believers" never see them.
a denial of a thing
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a formal falsehood, e
opposition between two conflicting forces or ideas
an opposition which of its own nature excludes a middle
a unity and conflict between two qualities, one representing what a thing was and the other what it is becoming
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If "A is B", but you say "A isnt B" you are saying "B isnt B"
What happens if you didn't know how to use your contraception and got pregnant
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a real locus in current society, or in an organization, that is a lever for the whole society or organization
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the speech act of contradicting someone; "he spoke as if he thought his claims were immune to contradiction"
a fault in reason
a violation of the rules of reason
a violation of the law of identity
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