Definitions for "RDF"
A model for describing and interchanging metadata. It allows a Web site to describe its dynamic (user-created) content without having to store static pages that contain that content.
A framework for constructing languages for describing web resources.
RDF integrates a variety of applications from library catalogues and world-wide directories to syndication and aggregation of news, software and content to personal collections of music, photos and events using XML as an interchange syntax. The RDF specifications provide a lightweight ontology system to support the exchange of knowledge on the web.
Refuse Derived Fuel An energy resource produced by the separation of combustible materials (refuse) from municipal solid waste. This material is then combined with coal and burnt as a refuse-derived fuel, which is usually 5 to 25 percent refuse.
Refuse Derived Fuel. A fuel produced from combustible waste that can be stored and transported or used directly on site to produce heat and/or power.
The fuel component of municipal solid waste (MSW), which is the by-product of shredding MSW to a uniform size, screening out oversized materials and isolating ferrous material in magnetic separation. The resulting RDF can be burned as a fuel source.
Rate Decrease Factor: An ABR service parameter, RDF controls the decrease in the cell transmission rate. RDF is a power of 2 from 1/32,768 to 1.
For ABR, controls the rate at which cell transmission decreases.
Radio Direction Finder.
adio irection inding A rapidly disappearing method of obtaining a bearing at sea on a radio transmitter of know location using a directional antenna manually or electronically steered.
Radio direction finding. Radio location in which only the direction of a station is determined by means of its emission. Since this technique can be used against all electronic emitters, it is sometimes simply referred to as direction finding (DF).
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reflection resolution RNI rsync
Robotech Defense Force. The group of elite pilots and officers who defend the Earth against alien invaders.
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a simple data model based on triples (subject, predicate and object), where the subject and predicate are URIs and the object is either a URI or a literal. Essential to describe the context and scope.
standard data format for publishing and syndicating headlines and short content. Usually used for distribution of blog posts.
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Revolving Drug Fund
See radial distribution function.