Definitions for "DAML"
Keywords:  darpa, ontology, rdf, semantic, markup
DARPA Agent Markup Language. A language currently in development for presenting information on the World Wide Web that will allow information objects to be tagged in a way that allows software applications, computer agents, and virtual assistants to recognize both specific meaning as well as relationships among the information objects.
DARPA Agent Markup Language Based on RDF, DAML is an XML-based ontology language developed for the semantic Web.
DARPA Agent Mark-up Language. Also referred to as DAML+OIL, which includes work on the Ontology Inference Layer.
The telephone company uses DAML (a pair amplifier) to multiplex two or more phone numbers onto one physical pair (or line). It is a solution for those who want a second line, but for whom the telco found no facilities in their area. A DAML will destroy 56k modem performance, and has to be removed to get DSL. This means you may have to give up one of your telephone numbers when the carrier device is removed from your telephone line.