Definitions for "Line of Sight"
The straight line from the eye through the sights to the target or point of aim.
An unobstructed straight line between two transmitting devices. Line of sight is typically required for long-range directional radio transmission. Due to the curvature of the earth, the line of sight for devices not mounted on towers is limited to 16 miles (26km).
Characteristic of some open-air transmission technologies where the area between a transmitter and a receiver must be clear and unobstructed; applies to microwave, infrared, and open-air laser-type transmission; a clear, open-air, direct transmission path free of obstructions such as buildings but in some cases impeded by adverse weather or environmental conditions.
a straight line from the eye through the aiming device to the point of aim L/R left/right LR laser range finder LSA lubricating oil, weapons, semifluid LZ landing zone meters MEDEVAC medical evacuation METT-T mission, enemy, terrain, troops and time available MHz megahertz
Visual ability to see from your eye to a certain point.
The direct line of uninterrupted view between a driver and an object of specified height above the carriageway in his lane of travel.
The viewing of separate out of home structures within the same field of vision.
in out-of-home advertising, standing at one billboard location, all other billboards or units that can be seen simultaneously from that position.
The simultaneous viewing of more than one outdoor unit.
The term used to denote that an employee's goals should link to his or her team/department goals, which should link to the company's goals.