Definitions for "Mutiny"
Insurrection against constituted authority, particularly military or naval authority; concerted revolt against the rules of discipline or the lawful commands of a superior officer; hence, generally, forcible resistance to rightful authority; insubordination.
To rise against, or refuse to obey, lawful authority in military or naval service; to excite, or to be guilty of, mutiny or mutinous conduct; to revolt against one's superior officer, or any rightful authority.
Usually the rebellion of sailors or soldiers against their officers. A revolt against authority.
Violent commotion; tumult; strife.
To fall into strife; to quarrel.
Mutiny are an Australian folk punk band based in Melbourne. Their slogan is "Folk punk for punk folk". They first formed in 1991 and have performed in Australia, Europe and the US.
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a failure of leadership
"Mutiny" is the fifth episode in the first season of . It originally aired in North America on October 15, 1995.