Definitions for "Proclamation"
The act of proclaiming; official or general notice; publication.
That which is proclaimed, publicly announced, or officially declared; a published ordinance; as, the proclamation of a king; a Thanksgiving proclamation.
A proclamation is made by the President for a ceremonial or commemorative purpose, to make a general announcement about policy, or to announce a new agreement, such as a trade agreement. They are numbered sequentially; there have been more than 7,000 so far.
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An instrument made by the Governor, usually under an authority stated in an Act, that identifies itself as being a proclamation. In recent Acts, provisions for the making of proclamations are usually limited to the making of proclamations for commencing provisions of Acts that did not commence on royal assent.
an instrument, the subject matter of which does not constitute a statute, which after being introduced in the proper committee shall be sent immediately to the floor for action without being referred back to committee