Definitions for "Curricula"
Keywords:  jchmt, pmetb, cct, sac, specialty
Official documents, approved by the PMETB setting out the requirements for training in the specialty required for the award of a CCT. Prepared by the relevant SAC to a template designed by the JCHMT
define overall educational objectives as well as the more specific educational objectives of the individual subjects as well as the principles of didactics, the subject matter, the subject matter dealt with in the individual grades (if necessary and with regard to the educational objective of the respective school type), transfer possibilities, overall number of teaching units and teaching units for the individual subjects (taking into account school autonomy), compulsory subjects and compulsory electives as well as other assessed and non-assessed options and voluntary subjects.
material or subject matter to be studied. D-H
Curricula is a module for the PhpNuke that allows the system's users to publish its resumes and offers work. Website's visitors will be able to select the resumes, and contact the user offering jobs.
Specification of the way content is delivered, including the structure, organization, balance, and presentation of content in the laboratory-classroom.
A program of study offered at a college or university; a set of topic specific information created for a defined group.