Definitions for "Organizational Structure"
The organizational structure, represented by an organization chart (q.v.), describes conditions and relationships within an enterprise. It comprises individual units as its smallest constituents, and superior units formed by joining these smaller units. The organization chart specifies rights and duties of employees in the organizational hierarchy.
how a firm is constructed in terms of chain of command, formal lines of communications, departments and divisions
The internal lines of authority and communication within an organization which define how programs and departments are managed, which types of activities are carried out by which programs or departments, and the functional and supervisory relationships between the staff and the manager of those departments. (See also Organizational Chart.)
Organizational structure is the way in which the interrelated groups of an organization are constructed. From a managerial point of view the main concerns are ensuring effective communication and coordination.
The specification of the jobs to be done within a business and how those jobs relate to one another.
Lines of authority and responsibility.