Definitions for "DHA"
(docosa-hexaenoic acid) An omega-3 fatty acid with 22 carbon atoms, the most unsaturated fatty acid available in the diet, high amounts of which are in fish oils.
Category: Nutrient DHA or Docosahexonic Acid is an essential fatty acid (EFA). Refer to EFA for more info.
This Omega-3 fatty acid is a major structural component of brain, nerve and retinal membranes. DHA is transformed to newborn babies through breast milk. This fatty acid plays a unique role in fetus development and is extremely important during the first few months of life.
Directory Harvest Attack. When a spammer bombards a domain with thousands of generated email addresses in an attempt to collect valid email addresses from an organization. (See also harvesting.)
Directory Harvest Attacks: Collecting Proprietary Email Addresses and Increasing Spam Spammers today use sophisticated techniques to bypass typical email server checking mechanisms in order to retrieve valuable information, such as a list of valid email addresses. One of these techniques is called a Directory Harvest Attack, or DHA. During a DHA, spammers attempt to deliver messages to multiple addresses, such as [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] Addresses that are not rejected by the receiving mail server are determined as valid. These addresses are compiled and sold to other spammers worldwide. Within hours, a brand new email box can be full of unsolicited, junk email. A successful DHA can net a spammer thousands of corporate email addresses in just a few minutes. The results force unprotected corporations to incur higher email system costs, face increased breaches in security and decrease their email system's
Desarrollo Humano Adolescente
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The dha is a sword found in Myanmar, Thailand, and neighboring areas of mainland Southeast Asia. Among Tai speakers it is known as a darb or daarb, and in Tibeto-Burman languages it may be called dao, similar to the word for the Chinese saber. There is considerable local variation, but in general the dha is a single-edged weapon similar to a saber.
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(Thai/Shan/Lao/Burmese) blade, or knife (also, dah).
Direct Hire Authority
District Health Authority (now replaced by Health Authority).
Denver Housing Authority. Funded by HUD, this agency provides low income housing within the City and County of Denver. DHA has many connections with the City and County of Denver, but is not a city agency. It is defined as a "quasi-municipal corporation" and is governed by a nine member Board of Commissioners, appointed by the Mayor, and confirmed by the Denver City Council.
Department of Health and Ageing Website
Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing.
U. N. Department of Humanitarian Affairs (now OCHA)
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See Dihydroxyacetone.
key ingredient in artificial tanners that turns an orange-brown color when bound to the upper layers of skin.
As A Treatment"...Plant-based DHA supplements are available, and vegans should consider them if additional DHA is needed..."
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is a major component of brain substance and plays a part in the transmission of nerve signals.
As A Treatment"...It is the primary structural fat in both the gray matter of the brain and the retina of the eye..."
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Driver Holding Area