Definitions for "Fatty acids"
Constituents of fat. When there is an insulin deficiency, as in diabetes, fatty acids increase in the blood and are used by the liver to produce ketones.
used chiefly in shampoos, cleansers and conditioners to make the skin feel smooth and the hair easier to comb. Common ones include cetyl alcohol, coconut alcohol, stearyl alcohol, and oleic acid.
A part of fats; they are usually called saturated, monounsaturated or polyunsaturated, depending on the number of hydrogen atoms attached to the carbon atoms of the fat molecule. The greater the number of hydrogen atoms, the higher the saturated fat content.
The chemical component of fat. Some are nutritionally essential.
The principal components in the molecular structure of natural fats, vegetable oils, fish oils, waxes, rosin, and essential oils, where they are bound chemically with glycerin; this combination is termed a glyceride.
A major component of fats that are used by the body for energy and tissue development.
Substances created during the digestion of fat. They travel through the blood and are used for fuel or are stored by fat cells.
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an organic compound found in proteins