Definitions for "MCT"
Medium Chain Triglycerides. A class of fatty acids that are rapidly absorbed and burned as energy.
Medium Chain Triglycerides. Provide twice the energy of carbohydrates; have no significant effect on insulin production. Improve the absorption of amino acids and reduce muscle tissue breakdown.
medium chain triglycerides. triglycerides with fatty acids consisting of 8-10 carbons in the carbon chain.
Mercury Cadmium Telurite (HgCuTe)
Mercury cadmium telluride
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Microsoft Certified Trainer
Microsoft Certified Trainers
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Ministra de Ciencia y Tecnolog& a
Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope
MOS Controlled Thyristor - a thyristor controlled by a MOS gate electrode.
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Mobile Crisis Team
Mobile Computer Terminal. A fully-functional computer terminal (example: laptop) either permanently mounted or removable and containing its own central processing unit (CPU). An MCT generally has the capability to analyze and store information locally, along with the traditional functionality of a mobile data terminal.
See movement control team.
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Movie Compatibility Test
Motor coordination test. A part of platform testing that assesses the reflexes of the muscles of postural control in response to sudden movements of the platform. Detects abnormalities of CNS function and of the motor pathways.
Street term for the Math and Computing Technologies Center (adjoined to "Dolphin").
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Manifold Charge Temperature
Monitoring Control Table. A CICS table containing user specifications for the recording of monitoring data, and the use of event monitoring points.