Definitions for "Lecithin"
A complex, nitrogenous phosphorized substance widely distributed through the animal body, and especially conspicuous in the brain and nerve tissue, in yolk of eggs, and in the white blood corpuscles.
Used as a natural emulsifier and/or lubricant. Generally extracted from soybean or egg yolk. Useful in massage products.
Derived from eggs or soy beans. Emulsifier and spreading agent, emollient and antioxidant.
The chemical cousin of vitamin B, lecithin is an essential building block of the lipid layer surrounding the cells and forms the foundation of the cell membrane. Lecithin is so vital to the integrity of the cell wall that the body is equipped to manufacture is own supply.
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Lecithin is a lipid used by every cell in the body. It helps maintain healthy nerve and brain cells and prevent certain cardiovascular diseases by protecting the body from a buildup of fat in the arteries and organs.
Dog Food ] Lecithin aids in the absorption of the other ingredients in Whole Life, and helps to improve the condition of the skin and the coat.
This is one of the ingredients used in the making of surfactant.
a complex substance derived from Soya seeds