Definitions for "Soybean oil"
an oil obtained from the soybean (Glycine max), rich in protein, fats, sterols, and phospholipids, used as a food and in paints and varnishes and in various industrial applications; -- called also soya oil. It is also used in preparing the sauce called soy or soy sauce.
Soybean oil is the world's most widely used edible oil. Used in a wide variety of natural product cosmetics, particularly those where being edible is important
Soybean oil is a vegetable oil which is extracted from whole soybeans. Soybean oil is free from cholesterol and is high in healthy polyunsaturated fat. Soybean oil can be found in the supermarket.
great sourse of vitamin E (see below)
Source Soybean. Purpose Softening agent, moisturiser.
Used as a smoothing agent. Has a high content of lecithin and vitamins A, E and K.
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Skin conditioning agent.