Definitions for "Pomade"
Perfumed ointment; esp., a fragrant unguent for the hair; pomatum; -- originally made from apples.
Pomades tame curly hair by texturizing, separating and adding shine. Use on any hair type except very fine hair as pomade can weigh it down. To apply, swipe one finger into a pomade, rub it onto palms and fingers, distribute through hair.
These are styling gels with either a water-soluable or non-soluable wax base. thse products are very thick in viscocity and tend to have the consistency of cold margerine or butter. They can be used for all styles seeking high definition, control and shine. remember that less is more with pomades, and make sure to emulsify the product in the hands before using. Pomades are especially good for African-American hair because they add moisture, control and shine.
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