Definitions for "Beeswax"
The wax secreted by bees, and of which their cells are constructed.
The favorite material for making the best quality candles (tallow, by comparison, had to be snuffed constantly) Also sometimes recommended for application to floors before balls.
Wax obtained from honeycombs or resin from bark. Thickener, emulsifier, and stiffing agent in ointments, cold creams, lotions, lipsticks, etc. Sometimes used as a hair removing wax.
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UK slang term for betting tax. Also known as 'Bees' or 'Ajax'.
UK rhyming slang for "Betting Tax" - also "Ajax" or "Bees".
"Beeswax" is a rock song by Nirvana, recorded at the Reciprocal Recording Studios on January 23, 1988 and first released on the compilation album Kill Rock Stars in 1991. It also featured on the Nirvana album Incesticide in 1992. Only three live versions have surfaced amongst fans/collectors, one recorded at the Community World Theatre in Tacoma on the same day as the studio session, another one recorded in the same venue two months later, and the last one played in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October 1992.
Beeswax is based on Lotus Agenda using vi / vim keybindings in an ncurses user interface. Its aim is to recreate Agenda's efficient keyboard based information management in a simple, clutter free user interface with flexible reporting.
For use in molding preparation. Available from Douglas & Sturgess in 1 lb blocks. Filtered is $8.00 per block and bleached is $9.00 per block.
All pearls are tumble cleaned during processing. Occasionally, beeswax is added to the salt-water solution to protect and add luster to the pearls. The process is not permanent and should be thoroughly disclosed on the bill of sale.
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Used in crafting to create various effects, such as in Batik.
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cover with beeswax; "Chris beeswaxed the kitchen table"