Definitions for "Pearls"
To dream of pearls, is a forerunner of good business and trade and affairs of social nature. If a young woman dreams that her lover sends her gifts of pearls, she will indeed be most fortunate, as there will be occasions of festivity and pleasure for her, besides a loving and faithful affianced devoid of the jealous inclinations so ruinous to the peace of lovers. If she loses or breaks her pearls, she will suffer indescribable sadness and sorrow through bereavement or misunderstandings. To find herself admiring them, she will covet and strive for love or possessions with a pureness of purpose.
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a manufacturer and trader of Fashion jewellery, Pearl jewellery, Gold, Ruby and Emerald sets
Organic gemstone formed when a small foreign object gets introduced into the body of a pearl-producing oyster or mussel. The organism produces a soft coating of nacre around the object to form the pearl. Since naturally occurring pearls are rare, cultured pearls are most often used in jewellery.
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A continuous length of fused beads. END USE: Used as a top trim or ties on garments and craft projects. Can be glued or hand stitched. View Image
A girlie spin on rock and roll. Choose from small or large pearl beads.
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a book about people grappling with the real issues of life
People from Poland
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Finishes which include mica flakes in addition to the pigment and binder.
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Small loops either at the edge of a piece of narrow lace or used as decoration on brides.
Referring to fabric embellished with pearls.
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'Pearls' have round crowns and are short and thick. (also see Rice)