Definitions for "World government"
the goal of some internationalists for centuries. William Penn, the founder of the Quakers, had a plan for a world government, as did the eighteenth century German philosopher Immanuel Kant. The world rule of the proletariat also plays a part in Marxism. But the idea of one world government has never been a serious possibility; the strength of nationalism and the rivalry of different economic and social systems would seem to make it impractical. In spite of this, conspiracy theorists today believe that a plot to create a world government, involving the United Nations, international bankers, and sections of the U.S. government, is well advanced.
a hypothetical entity consisting of a single government with authority over an entire planet
a hypothetical entity consisting of a single level or a series of levels of government with authority encompassing the entire planet
an absolute necessity to save humanity
an absolute, urgent necessity, and we need a world academy of sciences solely devoted to creativity