Definitions for "redirector"
An application that intercepts requests for resources local to a node on the network & redirect those requests elsewhere on the network.
Software that intercepts requests for resources within a computer and analyzes them for remote access requirements. If remote access is required to satisfy the request, the redirector forms an RPC and sends the RPC to lower-layer protocol software for transmission through the network to the node that can satisfy the request. redistribution Allowing routing information discovered through one routing protocol to be distributed in the update messages of another routing protocol. Sometimes called route redistribution.
A set of software routines that route requests from user programs to resources provided over the network. (7/96)
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Redirector for Squid, based on pcre library. Can be used to:
Rewrites URIs then redirects the call or the client to a new destination.
a component through which one computer establishes a connection to another computer, which enhances the interoperability thereof
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See Windows 2000 Redirector.