Definitions for "Mounting"
That by which anything is prepared for use, or set off to advantage; equipment; embellishment; setting; as, the mounting of a sword or diamond.
The portion of a peice of jewelry which holds or may hold a stone.
Trade term for that portion of a piece of jewelry in which a gem or other object is set.
The procedure of securing artwork or an object to a surface to hold it in the frame. There are many methods of mounting, including dry mounting, wet mounting, spray mounting, vacuum mounting, lacing, stretching, stapling and hinging. It is important to choose the proper method to preserve the value of the items being mounted.
Laminating, bonding, or gluing a photograph to a rigid flat material to prevent the photograph from getting creased or bent and to make viewing easier. Typical mounting processes are Dry Mount, which uses a heated press, and Self Adhesive, which can be applied by hand or run through a roller press. Typical mounting materials are Art Board, Foam Board, Sintra, Masonite, and Plexiglas.
A photograph is sometimes mounted to present the image and protect it from creasing and bending. Traditionally, photos have been mounted with acid-free board. Modern prints more often are mounted with Sintra board, a more stable material not as susceptible to heat and humidity. Meter offers some pieces that are mounted on aluminum and some that are mounted with Plexiglas.
Standards established by ASTM to test the acoustics of materials by representing a typical installation. For example, a mounting test specimen is attached directly to the test room surface or furred out to produce an air space behind.
Standards established by ASTM to represent typical installation for purpose of testing materials. For example, a mounting test specimen is mounted directly the test room surface or furred out to produce an air space behind.
Standards established by ASTM to represent typical installation for purpose of testing materials. i.e.: a mounting test specimen mounted directly to test room surface. D mounting furred out to produce air space behind.
Placing the plates on the cylinders so that the colors line up correctly.
The process by which a piece of printed material is affixed to a receiving surface.
The process of affixing plates on a cylinder or base in proper position to allow register, color to color to die.
a behavioral pattern whereby one animal jumps on the posterior area of a second animal as a part of the act of copulation or as a dominance display.
Term for when the rooster mates with a hen. See also "flogging the hen" and jumping.
Engaging in "mock mating," done by both genders in play or dominance.
The process of placing positives (transparencies) into cardboard or plastic holders for use in a slide projector. Attaching a print to a sturdy backing.
The process of attaching a file system into the directory tree of the system.
Attachment of a box spring unit to a wood or metal frame. to the top
A process for creating an index for information. Users say that mounting can be so resource intensive that at times it looks like the file server is crashing. Mounting can take anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes per disc platter. CD-ROM solutions that use NLMs require this function.
Mounting is the term used for the time taken for a player to recognise what type of disc has been inserted. Mounting times can vary tremendously depending on the type of media on the disc. Mounting times of under 1 second are commonplace for audio CD's in dedicated CD players but DVD's may take up to 20 seconds to mount and start playing.
The process of placing matchcovers in albums. (See Albums, Pages, Beach, Hobbymaster).
(n.) The process of providing access to a file system over the network by executing the mount command.
The process of using two fabrics as one: You cut out the face cloth and the mount as one and sew all processes with them together. It can give solidity to sheer fabrics and weight to light fabrics.
a significant inadequacy of the iMac design
The mounting position may affect shaft loading and the performance of the optional motor brakes. The relative position of the gearmotor to the application will dictate certain design parameters. (See Basic Specification Form).
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same as Carriage.
Getting onto a horse properly. Always mount from the "near" or left side.
Securing the sculpture onto a marble base or any base that will support the piece.
an event that involves rising to a higher point (as in altitude or temperature or intensity etc.)
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framework used for support or display
Term used for mounting components to indicate that the hole is used to mount that part to another part.
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The act of one that mounts.