Definitions for "Jewels"
Synthetic sapphires or rubies that are used as bearings for gears in a mechanical watch. The jewels reduce friction to make the watch more accurate and longer lasting.
Usually a synthetic red sapphire used in wear points to lessen friction.
Small, hard gemstones used in certain moving parts of some mechanical watches. They are used in sensitive parts of the machinery because they are smooth and very durable, helping the watch stay accurate and last longer.
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Jewels is a 1968 album by Waylon Jennings on RCA Victor.
(glass) small pieces of three-dimensional glass, usually used to embellish lamps or windows.
Glass generally pressed into shapes while molten. Can have multiple faceted sides. They also can be faceted after forming through repeated machine grinding. They are used as a decorative addition to many designs.
Glass globs that were dropped into a small jewel shaped mold so that it resembles a jewel.
a trusted family owned and operated business that imports and sells varieties of white and yellow gold, complimented by different types of diamonds
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Slang for the scrotum.