Definitions for "Matting"
(See " Crushing.")
Crushing of the carpet pile, along with entanglement (untwisting) of the fibers. See also pilling.
The result of the untwisting of the yarn and intermingling of the yarn tips as a result of foot traffic.
The process of working topdressing, fertilizers or other materials into a turfgrass area with drag mats.
To work topdressing, fertilizers or other materials into a turfgrass area with drag mats, usually made of steel.
An ornamental border. See 3d Mat, 4.
Placing a piece of acid free paper behind the photo to accentuate it or act as a buffer between the photo and the page.
The process of cutting and placing a piece of matboard, with a window opening cut, over or around artwork. The mat serves two fucntions: It protects the artwork by separating it from the glazing and providing air circulation; and it enhances the artwork it surrounds. It may be a highly decorative part of the design, or it may simply provide a restful area around the artwork.
A dull, lusterless surface in certain of the arts, as gilding, metal work, glassmaking, etc.
Even application of grisaille paint over a surface. It can then be highlighted by effects of stippling, sharp point highlights or brushed away.
Reduction of the gloss of a coating at a given angle due to the effect of diffuse light scattering by the coating surface. Matting is affected by the surface topography, pigmentation, and specific matting agents.
A tendency for folded film to resist being opened.
The application of a mask to a film or video program to remove information from the top and/or bottom of a picture. Used extensively in both theater presentations and video letterboxing. A hard matte is applied to the camera during the filming or videotaping process and, like anamorphic manipulation, delivers a true wide-screen image. A soft matte is a postproduction process that is done digitally when a film is transferred to videodisc or by means of projection gates in a theater.
To dream of matting, foretells pleasant prospects and cheerful news from the absent. If it is old or torn, you will have vexing things come before you.
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Mats, in general, or collectively; mat work; a matlike fabric, for use in covering floors, packing articles, and the like; a kind of carpeting made of straw, etc.
floor covering of coarse fabric (usually of straw or hemp)
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(See telangectatic matting)
The act of interweaving or tangling together so as to make a mat; the process of becoming matted.
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Protective board folder with window.
Materials for mats.