Definitions for "Waveguide"
A rectangular or oval metal pipe that is commonly used as a transmission line for microwave signals. The dimensions and tolerances of waveguides are directly related to the wavelength of the microwave signals which they are to carry.
Transmission path in which a system of boundaries guides electromagnetic energy. The most common of these are hollow metallic conducting tubes (microwave communications) or rods of dielectric material. See also Fiber optic waveguides.
Is a rectangular metal tube used to carry microwave energy with little loss of power. The electric field of the radiation being transferred is perpendicular to the widest dimension of the rectangle. A wave guide is useful over a narrow frequency range.
a bidirectional delay line, at some wave impedance
a bi-directional delay line that propagates waves simultaneously in two opposite directions
a structure which forces wave propagation along a path parallel to its longest dimension
a fairly efficient antenna
An acoustic device built into a loudspeaker enclosure that improves the efficiency of the speaker by confining the movement of a sound wave to travel over a desired path. In brief, a waveguide is a tube-like structure, straight or folded, that couples the motion of the loudspeaker cone to the motion of the air in the tube. This allows a small speaker driver to create clear sound, without distortion, even at the high volume levels required for low frequency reproduction.
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a very low loss transmission line