Definitions for "Air Lock"
Keywords:  bubble, suction, refilling, pump, pipe
Blockage in the flow of liquid, esp. on the suction side of a pump caused by an air bubble in the line.
A pocket of air that blocks the normal flow of liquid in a system
Blockage liquid flow of liquid (i.e. on suction side of pump) caused by an air bubble in the line.
a chamber that provides access to space where air is under pressure
an air-tight compartment in which the air pressure may be regulated to any desired intensity
An enclosed transition area with two or more doors that control access to the controlled and outside environments of the isolator. The purpose of the air lock is to control airflow between the environments while transferring materials between the two environments.
A machine for introducing stocks into a pneumatic conveying line.
Keywords:  trap, contaminants, gases, escape, wine
A small device that acts as a water trap. It is used on top of a wine making container to allow gases to escape without allowing contaminants in.
Keywords:  valve, lets, filled, inside, water
A valve filled with water that lets CO2 out, but no air inside