Definitions for "Breather"
Keywords:  vent, escape, vapor, flanged, moisture
a vent in a container to allow equalization of internal and external pressure.
A type of coating, usually oil-based, which will allow moisture vapor to pass through. A breather is required for coating the broad surfaces of a wood house.
Vent that allows any build-up of internal gas pressure in a component to escape.
an air intake pipe to provide air to machinery or people submerged or otherwise sealed off from the outside.
air passage provided by a retractable device containing intake and exhaust pipes; permits a submarine to stay submerged for extended periods of time
A device, which allows fresh air into a system or allows, contaminated air out.
Keywords:  loosely, vacuum, resin, woven, path
A loosely woven material, such as glass fabric, which serves as a continuous vacuum path over a part but does not come in contact with the resin. The breather is removed after the curing process is complete and is not part of the final composite.
A loosely woven material that does not come in contact with the resin but serves as a continuous vacuum path over a part in production.
A loosely woven material such as glass fabric that will serve as a continuous vacuum path over a part or the repair area, but is not in direct contact with the part or the repair area. Vacuum Bagging
Keywords:  respite, short
a short respite
Keywords:  doll, nostrils, open
A doll with open nostrils.
Keywords:  utters, one
One who utters.
Keywords:  pause, rest, refreshment, catch, phrase
a pause to catch one's breath, or for some other form of rest or refreshment; -- often used in the phrase to take a breather, i.e. to pause for refreshment.
a break or a rest
Breather or discrete breather, is phenomenon in which energy piles up in an irregular and non-linear fashion, rather than dispersing evenly, as one might expect it to do.
Keywords:  easing, conserve, renew, horse, race
Easing off on a horse for a short distance in a race to permit it to conserve or renew its strength.
Keywords:  violent, exercise, puts, one
That which puts one out of breath, as violent exercise.
Keywords:  inspires, animates, one
One who animates or inspires.
Keywords:  lives, one
One who lives.
Keywords:  one
One who breathes.