Definitions for "Rewards"
May be direct or indirect. Differences in rewards may relate to particular sports or particular groups of individuals. cientific measurement A specific approach to physical activity based on physiology, biomechanics and skill learning.
In Kentucky, money given to schools that met or exceeded their improvement goals (in the meeting goals category), were in the progressing category and had improved over the previous two years, were pacesetter schools, or reached a recognition point. Rewards were given to the school for school improvement to be determined by the school council, or principal, if there was no council. Funds could have been used for staff bonuses. Since 2003, the legislature has not funded the reward money.
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See Extrinsic Rewards, Intrinsic Rewards.
A process that formally recognises the efforts of volunteers through the award of a tangible token, object, symbol or commendation.
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In RCT, anything humans will incur costs to obtain.
This refers to things that a company may give you for choosing their card, such as points towards various items or interest free balance transfers.