Definitions for "RCT"
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Resource Control Table. CICS attachment facility.
Resource Control Table. A set of definitions for the CICS use of DB2.
Remote Control Trojans
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Root canal therapy. Process of removing pulp of a tooth and filling it with an inert material.
Root Canal Treatment. The nerve of the tooth is removed from the canal inside the root and replaced with a filling material
Root Canal Therapy. Removal of the pulp (nerves) inside a tooth and its roots due to heavy decay, infection and/or fracture and replacing them with a filling material.
acronym for Rally for the Citizens of Talossa, a political party of the Kingdom. Left of centre, it was generally perceived as relatively harmless.
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egarding your omment See: ct.
Regimental Combat Team
Relocation Central Team, the group of people running and co-ordinating the Relocation programme
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Royal Corps of Transport
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ReCeption Time
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Resource Condition Target
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Running call telephone