Definitions for "CLO"
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Client Liaison Officer (DEET)
Chief Logistics Offices
(Court Liaison Officer) — Probation officer assigned to the court. This term is sometimes used to describe CWA case workers assigned to the court.
Collaterized Loan Obligation. A debt security backed by a pool of commercial loans.
Collateralised Loan Obligation. A collateralised loan obligation (CLO) is an asset-backed security structure similar to a Collateralised Mortgage Obligation (CMO) but with a pool of commercial or personal loans as collateral, instead of a pool of Mortgage Backed Securities and/or mortgage loans. A sponsor transfers the collateral into a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), such as a trust or corporation, which has no other assets and which issues claims. A typical CLO has more than one "tranche" or "tier", and a more junior tranche has more risk of default.
a CDO backed by or referenced to loans
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CutLine Only
A unit of thermal resistance. The insulation needed to keep an individual producing heat at a rate of 58 W/m2 comfortable at 21 degrees C with air movement of 0.1 m/sec. One CLO is equal roughly to the insulation value of indoor clothing.
A unit of measurement used to determine insulation value.
Unit used to express the resistance to dry heat transfer provided by clothing; one clo is equal to 0.155 K m2/W.
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short for Cod Liver Oil. (A supplement used to provide vitamin A and D.)
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Cryptographic Log-On
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Circuit Layout Order