Definitions for "CDO"
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Collateralised Debt Obligation. A collateralised debt obligation (CDO) is an investment-grade security backed by a pool of different kinds of debt - including both bonds and other types of loan. The principle behind CDOs is the same as that underlying collateralised mortgage obligations (CMOs) and collateralised bond obligations (CBOs); namely, the pooling of a group of other assets to create the credit quality which supports the collateralised instrument.
Collateralised Dept Obligation
Collateral Debt Obligation vehicles
Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) is Microsofts technology for building messaging or collaboration application or adding these capabilities to existing applications. Part of the Microsoft Exchange Server product, CDO has evolved from what Microsoft formerly called Object Linking and Embedding Messaging and, more recently, Active Messaging.
CDO - See definition for: Collaboration Data Objects
Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) is a technology for building messaging or collaboration applications designed to simplify the creation of applications with messaging functionality, or to add messaging functionality to existing applications.
entral ocumentation ffice - Tasked with declassification of DoD documents relating to Southeast Asia Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel. In 1993, the CDO was incorporated into DPMO.
Chief District Officer
A small, automatic, central office switching system that is completely unattended.
Chicago District Office
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CDO is a collection of command line Operators to manipulate and analyse Climate and forecast model Data. Supported data formats are GRIB, netCDF, SERVICE, EXTRA and IEG.
Centro Diffusione Origami - Italian origami Society
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Colorado Group Limited
Cooperative Development Organization. A business voluntarily owned and controlled by its users and operated for their benefit.