Definitions for "Job Description"
A written account defining the overall objectives of a role, where it fits in the organisation's structure and its principal responsibilities.
a written statement of what a job entails and how and why it is done. (658)
A summary of the duties attributed to a job classification and the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform satisfactorily in any position which is similarly classified.
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a definition, or "snapshot," of the job
an official document that reflects the major, grade controlling tasks which are performed
A document that sets out the description of the tasks to be completed by an employee in the course of his or her employment.
A single processor (job or started-task) operation and its dependencies.
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a valuable map for
a good basis for understanding your role with your employer
a useful document to prepare in order that your employees are clear about their role
an essential piece of human resource management
a profile of the job, and its essential functions and requirements
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Term used to describe a WS GRAM job for GT4.
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A system object that defines how a job is to be processed. The system-recognized identifier for the object type is *JOBD.
A document that sets out the elements that make up a job under a number of standard headings.
a document providing the same information, but it is for a specific position
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a useful tool