Definitions for "Extradition"
The surrender or delivery of an alleged criminal by one State or sovereignty to another having jurisdiction to try charge.
An established practice in international law whereby a foreign criminal or accused person is delivered by the State (requested State) in which he or she is found to another State (requesting State) to face criminal proceedings or imprisonment. A political agreement was reached on 11 December 2001 at EU level on a European arrest warrant valid for the entire territory of the European Union, and on the surrender procedures between the Member States. The European arrest warrant will come into force on 1 January 2004. The agreement carries through the European Council conclusions of October 1999, in Tampere, which state that the formal extradition procedure should be abolished among the Member States as far as persons are concerned who are fleeing from justice after having been finally sentenced. (See Judicial-criminal: Mutual assistance in criminal matters)
Extradition is the arrest and return of a person in one country or state for a crime committed in another country or state. Extradition treaties and agreements exist between many governments.